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Dear Member

The tariff of codes as you know, has remained unchanged for many years, and the reference price list was prohibited in 2009 by the Competition Commission. Recently DENTASA asked Council to assist in updating these codes, and as it is known that the BHF has zero rated many newer codes mainly because they are not related to the clinical codes. Council has therefore drawn up a document relating existing and new codes to the clinical codes, and has also worked with SADA to help clarify many of the issues. In doing so, Council has also suggested some changes to the descriptors. A draft of this document has been sent to DENTASA for comment, and is also now posted on our website at Course: Tariffs (

The comments in the document are from the Council’s review panel which compiled the document. The changes ae tracked as in the original Word document, where deletions are in red and additions/changes in blue. Codes in red were the new ones proposed by DENTASA.

You are hereby requested to engage with the draft document. Please feel free to either send inputs via DENTASA or to the Council on for consideration. Those who would like to be part of the debate, should indicate as such by not later than the 31st of May 2023 by submitting their LA or TE numbers followed by their email addresses. 

The office of the Registrar